Bouider Station Casino Parking Garage

"Reflections on a Parking Garage" one aspect of my work as a photographer has focused on the beauty of reflections, particularly reflections off bodies of water. Having lived in a desert fur the past year which annually received less than four inches of rain, the availability of such subject matter has been greatly limited. But "limited" is not the Dane as "eliminated." One just has to be a bit creative, you can imagine my delight when I discovered after our first game rainstorm if the year that much perch seventy feet above the Las Vegas Valley - the Boulder Station Casino Parking Garage becomes a football- sized reflecting pool after a big rain. I've put up some hits from a previous rainstorm and they are among the popular of those that I've posted. But the fun isn't limited to the top floor which is open to the elements. Water draining from top finds its way to lower levels, creating small reflecting pools which returns images of the interior of her garage that are just as lovely, this and the following represent a transition between the floor above and the lower levels. Check This Out Summer Views From My Point Of View Eye4photography  IPhoneography Urban Geometry Architecture EyeEmBestPics Beauty In The Mundane