东川红土地 Dongchuan Red Land

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The owner of the guest house, we stayed in in the red lands, drove us to the perfect viewpoints for photos. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side, so i preferred to give my shots another focus. He kind of reminds me of Bruce Lee... hm China Authentic Moments Capture The Moment Blackandwhite B&W Portrait Places And People Landscape_Collection Black And White Portrait Travel Weather Culture Resist
So excited! It's time to get another mission startet and give my journey a face. This warmly smiling old man shall fill your heart up with love. This is authentic rural China in the Redlands 5 hours drive from Kunming. Travel Photography Portrait Traveling China Untold Stories Earth Landscape Places And People Nature Getting Inspired Simplicity Uniqueness
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东川红土地上的老人 E ye E m N e w H er e Real People Mountain Landscape One Person Mountain Range Outdoors Sky
Tree Sunset Nature Beauty In Nature Silhouette Scenics Tranquility