This photo is fantastic. The lightening literally split the sky. Summer Rainstorm Monsoonseason Lighteningstrike Landscapes Duncan, Arizona, United States My Year My View Lost In The Landscape
"Continental Divide" .. *in Italy, he calls it, "Culpe de Fulmino" = "Lightning Strike". Here, we say "Love at First Sight" ... That's Me , and that's what it looks like to have had fallen instantly, unconditionally, agonizingly, perpetually in love with someone an ocean away 3 years prior!!'s insatiable and kind of cruel = loving through a window.. Theportraitist-2016eyeemawards Loveatfirstsight Lighteningstrike Agony Bliss Continental Divide
Thunderstorm over Davis Road Salinas, CA Lightening Storm Lighteningstrike Weather Roadways