// Concrete Moebius // Public Transportation Transportation Bus Highway Bridge Concrete Jungle Abstractarchitecture Red Accent Lerone-frames Lerone-matrix Urban Geometry New Babylon Cubism Intermingled Architectural Detail Glass And Concrete Concrete Concrete And Glass Barely Visible Mœbius Topology
an aerial view of a range of mountains Aerial View Atmosphere Cloud Clouded Clouds Cloudscape Cloudy Earth From A Plane Window Landscape Looking Down Mountain Mountains Planet Range Sky Topography Topology
The Edgerton Explorit Center exists to instill and nurture in all people the joy of scientific discovery and exploration through hands-on learning experiences. Located in Dr. Harold Edgerton's home town, the Edgerton Explorit Center inspires kids age 2 to 92 through exciting activities and state-of-the-art programming. Science Color Photography Topology Light-Play Discovering Always Learning Having Fun Changing The World State Fair Extendedhuman
Sugarloaf's Cross Crux Cross Sandstone Limestone Karst Driftless Region Hills Bluffs Chief Wapasha's Cap Sioux Dakota  Minnesota Topology Quarried
"Visions of 4D Hypercube" in memory of the Master Dr. JEM (RIP) Fractals Hyperrealism Geometric Abstraction Topology Taking Photos
Residentevil Raccooncity Topology Interstellar Filter Hipster Effect Ootd POTD Enjoying Life