No matter how long this goes on, I'm still not used to finding her around the house after our time is over...her signs are all over my heart and our home... its like all the color has drained out of my life when she is gone Samsamandi Daddyseverything MySweetheart Picofthenight photooftheday alwaysonmymind trulyunfair missheralready goingtobealongtwoweeks nofilter mondaysareeventoughernow
My amazing daughter doing what I have passed on to her.... loving the moments, screaming her heart out, and alwaysalwaysalways LAUGHING! My little soul mate! Samsamandi Daddyseverything Sourceofinspiration Meaningoflife daddyslittlegirl playgroundfun livinginthemoment eachandeverymoment picofthenight photooftheday cutepics littlegirl kids nofilter nikonpros nikond3200
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