you love the night because she can understand, I love my hood because he hides me at night, I'm gloomy, sad dark @viic_grant Florenceoffial Inyourgarden Darkness
My first album IN YOUR GARDEN, with the collaboration of Luis Garcias, Viic Grant, deluxes tracks will be released, I'll post videos with the songs then @viic_vi @luizfxavier @gmlarissa @fr4ncina17 @the_florence_fans @new_florencenoow Inyourgarden Paradise 1-Tears Of Gold 2-Hobby whore 3-A young jazz singer 4-In your Garden 5-Doll lips 6-Amid the seagulls 7-Lack To You 8-Freedom 9-His other lovers 10-A rose again 11-Reborn 12-Lost in Storm
official post to change my name on my new instagran-THE_FLORENCE-I thank all my followers, after this post, there will be posts officers of songs, the FLORENCE_REYTOR this off the air more u can see my best photos her!! come on boys!!! @viic_grant Inyourgarden Postofficial Newssongs @florence_reytor
Do you want to overcome this in despair Darknessboy @bullshting @viic_vi Inyourgarden
News songs!!! REBORN Inyourgarden 21april @viic_vi @ellavod