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Taiwanese Dance directed by Huaimin Lin, Water and moon Black Background Reflection Water Stage Dance Photography 林怀民 林怀民 水月 舞蹈 Wuwei Flowing BEIJING北京CHINA中国BEAUTY Dancing
I happened to, by fate run into an ex of mine yesterday. It was the strangest things...while I hadn't thought of him in years...I remembered our volatile and dysfunctional relationship and the way it ended. Imagine my surprise today when I get a message for him telling me how sorry he was for how he treated me and how he had felt guilty for nearly a decade because of it. It..made my entire day. For a long time it took a while to get that dark situation from my mind..but I did. And I was so appreciative of his apology. I let him know there was no hard feelings and without even knowing that it would happen or that it was needed, we got our closure. In Taoism, the Wu-Wei means, roughly , the "un-way" "un-doing"...and it is one of the essential understanding of Zen. Its about not forcing, no doing and essentially, letting it flow naturally like water. In the abstract way of thinking I would have tried to force this apology or demand one years ago. But I simply lived and moved on and in the way that Tao works, this is what was given to me In the immortals words of Ice Cube was a good day Zen Tao  Wuwei Wuhsin Infinitepeace
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