Medical negligence

Medical/surgical errors; friends, sorry to put this on but I think it is necessary to show how bad surgery and very bad aftercare has caused me huge problems. It is negligence at its worst, and you should be aware how things go wrong when very bad aftercare is dangerous, painful, etc. Would you believe, this was a simple abscess removal, was told it will take 2-3 weeks for full recovery. Am now in week 7, getting worse each day. This picture shows the mega-wound I am left with and a smaller one next to it - the site is worst possible, but 'fortunately', right at the base of my spine not extending to the obvious 'exit' (about 10-15cm away). I will put the picture of what it looked like after surgery, and then after bad aftercare. Please accept my apologies if you feel uncomfortable with the wound pictures, but friends, everyone has to know about the dangers of bad aftercare. Prakash. Medical Negligence Surgical Negligence Surgery Errors Medical Mistakes Surgical Mistakes Medical Aftercare Errors Surgical Aftercare Errors District Nurse Errors