A view we could totally make out to πŸ˜™

And if one finds themselves at a pair of doors where the stairs are no more and carpet begins; and lets say that same person should happen to be in one of those moods where rational thought has been put on hold-caution has been thrown to the wind and you bust on through them bitches (or just slowly peek behind, quietly, as to not alert anyone in any position of authority...i mean either way is fine, its whatever) well this is *spoiler alert!* one of the things you might just see. Unless youre blind.or just stupid. Take ya pix. Pics. ✌ View From Above Nobodys Supposed To Be Here Looking Down Hilton Hotel A View We Could Totally Make Out To πŸ˜™ Hotels And Resorts Things I See Surrounded By People Yet Never Been So Alone
The City @ night. Looking out from up telegraph hill, not quite all the way up to coit tower..damn, this pic really makes me miss my iPhone 6. Both of them..And their camera that takes not too terribly bad night pics. StupidpieceofjunkHTC'desire'eventhonoonewithhalfabrainwouldactuallydesirethisphone..UGH!! A View We Could Totally Make Out To πŸ˜™ While You Were Sleeping Coit Tower IPhoneography City At Night Transamerica Pyramid Iphone 6