My Wbr2r beanie arrived just in time. Tomorrow's run is going to be cold. Now I won't be. Thanks @wbr2r Runinblue Forthefallen Running Fortheloveofrunning
Definitely a wet run this morning. But I ran for Sgt. Ryan C. Adams and when I run for him and for the fallen what's a bit of ran? @wbr2r Forthefallen Wbr2r Purposefulmiles Runinblue runningchangedmylife running fortheloveofrunning run runLadysmithVillage
It was cold and dark but worth it! 3 miles down for Sgt. Ryan C. Adams Wbr2r Runinblue Purposefulmiles Forthefamilies Forthefallen Running Fortheloveofrunning Runningchangedmylife