Took when 2

Took When 2 Two Brick Wall Wet Rain Tucson, Az. Tucson Arizona  Photography The number two...looking back to this weekend when I took this photo, I realized how significant this number is. I was trapped under a small awning in the warehouse district in downtown Tucson with my best friend, my partner (in crime too perhaps?), my lover, my wife. We were on a shooting (photography) together. There was a massive thunderstorm complete with out of control lightning. One strike was particularly extremely close but awesome. Being "trapped" under there I learned a lot about photography together with her. Being constrained to one area we found an amazing variety of subjects from just that one place. The storm added this fantastic dynamic to the environment and how people and animals reacted to it. It was a particularly fantastic and unforgettable experience. Once of many she and I can look forward to as she joins with me on my never ending journey into and exploration of photography.