Be a leader

'nobody can tell you, there's only one song worth singing, they may try and sell ya, cause it hangs them up, to see someone like you, but you gotta make your own kind of music' Be Unique  Be Different Shine Be A Leader Diamonds Taking Photos Leica D-lux Typ109 Dont Be Afraid! Swarovskicrystals
you gotta make your own kind of music Freedom To Be Me Be Different Be A Leader EyeEm EyeEm Gallery OpenEdit Capturing Freedom Leica D-lux Typ109
Hello World Someones Home Be Thankful For Everything You Have. Be Thankful For A Roof Over Your Head A Place To Sleep Go Out And Do Something Nice Give Back Be A Leader Be A Good Person Help The Needy Feed The Hungry Help Your Fellow Man Gain Good Karma Red House Small House Childs Bike Childhood Memories
Here's another quote.i really like the quotes that get me thinking or inspire me to do more and/or be more. Quoteoftheday Be A Leader RePicture Leadership ♡ Jesus Jesus Is My Savior
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