Makingportraits Balconyshots BalconyStudios BalconyEdit Awesome...
You know that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and totally bond? Hehe well I had it too and decided to keep the memories. She's awesome company BalconyStudios BalconyEdits
When best friends hustle you for that studio shot.... BalconyEdit BalconyStudios Nikonclicks
Got this somewhere in the files. Just realized that everyone around me is getting married engaged getting babies na niko tu hapa nikiulizana favorite color πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Anyway Congrats to the two of you.. BalconyStudios BalconyEdits NickonClicks
Concepts This ninja had pent up agony. BalconyStudios BalconyEdits
Weddingphotography Balconyshots BalconyStudios BalconyEdit @balcony_studios
And it's her birthday today.. I take this chance to wish her a Happy Earth Day.. BalconyEdits BalconyStudios
After Gym workout.. With all the tired bones she managed to get the perfect smile.. BalconyStudios BalconyEdits Nikonclicks @gracielamuchai07
They just had to do press-ups gearing up for the tough day ahead.. Studio times with the crew BalconyStudios BalconyEdits
With the ninja himself Mumo .. Randoms as he picked a call... BalconyStudios BalconyEdits Nikonclicks Good Day Fam
Nightphotography Let's go for an evening walk.. BalconyStudios Igkenya SinCity BalconyEdits NikonClicks
BalconyEdits Concepts @balcony_studios BalconyStudios @elias_ke @geraldmulla
When KPLC decided to do their worst. Brains started working and I was trying out some stuff. I don't know about this one but I like it... No filters just the B &W editing PhonePhotography BalconyStudios BalconyEdits
And boom came the action call... When y'all tired of being too careful... BalconyStudios BalconyEdits Nikonclicks
Portrait BalconyEdits BalconyStudios Nikonclicks
Chilling with this lil'Guy braving the Mountain cold. BalconyStudios BalconyEdit Picsart
BalconyEdits BalconyStudios SelfieGame .. Friends I have.... Awesome
Using phone camera hasn't always been a favorite but it's a new year I guess Beautiful sunset BalconyStudios BalconyEdits Samsungclicks Igkenya PhonePhotographyWeek
2nd bae.... LoveForMachines Subaru BalconyStudios BalconyEdits NikonClicks
Have a good night y'all... Makingportraits BalconyEdits BalconyStudios
That selfie post before sleeping. Long day tomorrow so have a good night Fam BalconyStudios BalconyEdits Nikonclicks Selfiegamestrong Nikonites @breeachieng
Makingportraits BalconyStudios BalconyEdits Smiles Studio moments with @breeachieng