Ross practices high kicks. Myfenway
It's that time again. Play ball at Myfenway
Myfenway the best view in baseball. Redsox
Same venue, different view. Myfenway
Great memories of Myfenway
My people at Myfenway
Wet and wonderful. Myfenway
Glory Days. Myfenway
Nice way to finish a home stand at Myfenway
It's HighFiveCity at Myfenway
Not quite dead center, but close enough. Myfenway Not36
Last of the 8th at Myfenway
Sun kissed beauty. Myfenway
Baseball for breakfast, sounds like fun! Redsox Myfenway
The burning sky Myfenway
She's even beautiful from behind. Myfenway
Hey Rays fan! Final at Myfenway
Sailors and officers posted before the Green Monster at Myfenway
Friends with better seats at Myfenway
Play Ball!! Myfenway
Another beautiful sunset at Myfenway tonight.
Alex Wilson finishing off the Rays at Myfenway