Veterinary student

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When you're super early for class and climb out the window to appreciate the view while waiting for your awesome teacher πŸ˜‚ Veterinary Student Early Bird Beautiful Nature Cebu
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A day in the life of a Vet Student. ABA Building of SWU - PHINMA Cloud - Sky Sky Low Angle View Silhouette OutdoorsNo People Goal Nature Nature Photography Sun Veterinary Student Trees Nofilter
Starting your morning with God's grace, your baby senior cat and school assignment. Goodmorning EyeEm  Cat Cats Of EyeEm Cat Lovers Cats Prayers Botany Book Veterinary Student Senior Cat Day Pets GodIsGood
When you're bored in class and you just take a picture of your notebook. Green Color Notebook Class Student Life Veterinary Student Immature
Cause I'm proud to be from Southwestern University - PHIMNA taking up Veterinary Medicine. Yes, we are the rowdiest, noisiest, most neglected and almost to the point of unwanted college; however, we are also the most 'go with the flow' kind of people, welcoming whatever comes along with a smile and laugh because we know that this course is difficult but we got this! Even if we may not have our crap together with school, we at least have our friends together. We have a small population, but we are growing and pushing our determination and passion every year until we get to finally call ourselves legit Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. Night No People Signs Southwestern University PHINMA Phinma Signboard Dark Student Life Student Veterinary Student Veterinarymedicine