Now for fun!! Coffee in my polka dot cup. And edits of the πŸ“· shots from the Phoenixcomiccon PHXCC PCC Phoenixcomiccon2014 πŸ’₯❗ very awesome cosplays. Thank you to all who let get me get a picture. 😁
πŸ“· Batteries are charged πŸ’₯ lenses cleaned , flash is good. It's ready for Phoenixcomiccon Phoenixcomiccon2014 PHXCC .
One awesome Sith . A sneek peek pic from the Phoenixcomiccon . Her eyes, wow... So very cool. Phoenixcomiccon2014 PHXCC pcc starwars thedarkside sithlord lightsaber πŸ’₯
THANK YOU Phoenixcomiccon Phoenixcomiccon2014 PHXCC @phoenixcomicon ❗❗πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Awesome time !
I'm having Phoenixcomiccon withdrawals ❗ 😒 need to get a fix, find another one to go to... @phoenixcomicon Phoenixcomiccon2014 PHXCC PCC
Editing pictures I couldn't wait, I had to post this one. Too bad having to crop it.. πŸ’₯ She had an awesome Joker style. Phoenixcomiccon Phoenixcomicon Phoenixcomiccon2014 phoenixcomicon2014 phxcc batman darkknight jokersmile
Packed and ready for Phoenixcomiccon Phoenixcomiccon2014 PHXCC with Vaultboy fallout vaultdweller from Vault101 😁 πŸ’₯❗let's go❗
Don't like to post pics of myself too much but here's the Flikr pic from the @phoenixcomicon photobooth. Me in my Fallout Vaultsuit Phoenixcomiccon Phoenixcomiccon2014 phxcc pcc vault101 pipboy πŸ’₯πŸ“·πŸ’₯ 😜😁