Shelton, CT

Beautiful Skies . Skyporn Cloudporn Clouds connecticut
Pups Sleepy Puppy Peacfull
I can hear you singin' to me in my sleep. Vscocam Afterlight Chasingsky Chasinglight skychasers skyporn cars shelton connecticut justgoshoot webstagram statigram
The sky is falling. Skychasers Skyporn Trees Nature instamood
Hanging Out
A prism in the sky. Sunset Ig_connecticut Skyline Skyporn skychasers chasingsky chasinglight shelton
Which way? Cloudporn Skyporn Chasingsky Justgoshoot instagood instamood bestoftheday
Waterview Drive Moon Star Morning Glow Overnight Success
There is something about these trees I love. I see them every day, and I love them.
Sky blue pink. Nofilter
In love with today.
This weather makes me want to take portraits. Such pretty sunshine.
I had a little staring contest with this little guy. I won. Birds Geese Animals Nature outside
Hanging Out
Family Hang Out