Had a great time with these to guys right here. If you are craving ramen and you are in the Astoria area go check out Kim's ramen place. Food is always on point and you couldn't ask for a better person to own such a great place. Then you have Joe only on Sundays but he will make you laugh. Great guys and good times. Go check them out. Nycalive NYC Foodie Foodoverload foodporn ramen astoria goodtimes goodfriends goodpeople goodfood laughs @ramenokidoki kani vegetablegoyza takowasabi onigiri cha_syuzara ny nightlife soju korean sake japanese letsdoitagain
Last meal of the night after a full day of food. Small plate I asked my mom to save me. Rice and bean with a big chunk of white meat turkey with some coleslaw and my sister made a torta. Dam after this its time to hit the Spanish club and get my dance on to burn all this food. Let's go. Foodoverload Momsfood Ilovemymother Thanksgiving happythanksgiving stuffing stuffed drinks doncoqui dancingoffthefat fatboystatus itis turkeysandwichtomorrow icantbreath lol toomuchfood ineedadoctor
First time having Vietnamese food. Its funny since I have so many Asian friends. Smh. Nycalive Citylife Nightlife Foodoverload foodporn vietnamese pho sofull asian sake vietnamesebeer uppereastside nystyle nyc ny nylife nycstreets