The Programming seems simple enough... That is until you begin Referencing several Variables in one state... Lol nerd talk i suppose. Gamedesign Gamedev Unity3d Playmaker AndroidDev Amodius Createocon
New game after Amodius Will be a Physicspuzzle Game :3 Unity3d Scifi Gamedev AndroidDev Robotics Blackandwhite
Just finished up a major step in Amodius .be excited Android Gamers . Unity3d AndroidDev Gamedev Gamedesign Abstract
About to take a break and play some Doom . Gamedesign Gaming Gamedev Fps Horror Hardcoregaming PCGaming Unity3d AndroidDev
New ArtWork section on my site, Featuring my new Collection . Abstract Painting Digitalart  Marktwain Number44 Mysteriousstranger Gamedev AndroidDev
Amodius releases Friday! Playmaker Playstore AndroidDev Gamedev Unity3d Badselfies Createocon Trailer coming first of course.