Good works

What a sense of relief? What a moment of bliss? The moment your surrender yourself to Jesus Christ is the time of victory over the acts of sin. Even after inviting Jesus Christ into my life I had a misconception of fighting the battle on my own, the more I tried the more I tripped over, but His grace caught hold off my hand and picked me up and put me on the rock. The rock, that is Jesus, He taught me "you're standing on the rock, you're not carrying the rock. I carried the cross, now you don't carry the cross rather you crucify your desires on the cross." Many Christians try to carry the rock and the cross with their own strength. Let me make it clear! We try to do so much good works to please God, to receive forgiveness from sins, to be blessed, to be His most beloved one, but all these leads to looses. Acts of good work comes spontaneously when we allow His spirit to work within us. The more time we spend with God the more close we get to Him and more sensitive we become to His voice. Today! This very day! You can put your sinful deeds of the flesh to death. Holy sprit wants to work in your life too. Open your mouth and ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Sprit. SURRENDER Life Jesus Christ Puttodeath Deedsofflesh Holy Spirit Valours Good Works Spontaneous Grace