Note from someone

I wanted to submit something for Ultimate Japan . I don't have a cool photo of buildings or landmarks--or even sushi--but I do have this letter from a girl who's been my friend since 5th grade and is still one of only 2 friends I have on this planet so to me, it's just as cool as all the other fancy, professional photos taken with perfect cameras in perfect situations... If I sound bitter, sorry, it's cause I couldnt edit any version of this to save my life and finally just gave up and this is the result and I'm not close to proud but just wanted to include her postcard for the Japan thing. (Ugh) Letter Postcard Post Card Letter From A Friend Note Mail Card Friendship Black And White Meaningful Words Greeting Letter From Friend Note From Someone Words Writing In Writing Written Handwritten Handwritten Letter Handwriting  Best Wishes Sentimental Nostalgia Old Edit
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