Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (sorry all you northern hemisphere folks but this is how it should be done!) Sun is shining, work is finished, presents sorted and now all there is to do is a bit of cooking (easy). So I want to wish errbody in my life from my family and friends to acquaintances and pets, spirits, dragons, customers, random people on the street, my teachers and classmates and of course my crystals.... A WHOLE LOT OF MERRY MERRY FOR YOU AND YOURS DURING THIS VERY VERY! FESTIVE TIME OF FOOD AND GLUT WHERE WE ALL WILL BE ADDING TO OUR BUTT.. BUT DON'T DISPAIR IT'S ALL FOR FUN SO ENJOY YOURSELF BY THE TONNE! THE HAPPIEST OF FESTIVE SEASONS TO ERRBODY! I FKN LOVE YOU! Thishasbeenapublicserviceannouncement ByKawl
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