Myfacewhen it's be dead at work all day! @pearliaison DatPearlfacedoe PearlFace Boredom
Myfacewhen Nickleback come on the radio station at work.... Killmenow Makeitstop earsbleeding
Myfacewhen I'm trying to stuff my face with food on my short break and customers decide it's the perfect time to start asking you questions.. Lemme just eat my damn lunch! Leavemealone Imtryingtoeat Fuckoffplease
Myfacewhen watching Episode4 of @rupaulsdragrace. Wrong decision on so many levels. Pearl and Kandy should have been bottom. I'm having flashbacks to @bigandmilky getting eliminated way to early last season. @trixiemattel you are an amazing Queen and I can't wait to see you when you come to Perth Australia! JusticeforTrixie Teamplastic trixiemattel rpdr7 sadday barbielife seeyousoonanyway internationalqueen
Myfacewhen Mewhen Comedy Like4like Goodmorning
ahaha look at my face Comedy Myfacewhen Mewhen Childish Babiesgotmelike L4l Funny Whatsahashtag ? Like4like
Myfacewhen the Jamaican commentator of the Cricket match I'm watching says they need to get at least 420 to declare..... Perfection. Hehehe Cricket jamaica itsalways420 AusVsWI westindies