Watching all the plebs! Aneveningonthegreen PaulSimonAndSting Perthlife
PaulSimon & Sting set up for Aneveningonthegreen this weekend! Who needs tickets (which were selling for up to $1000 a head) when you got this view? Plus they are playing both Saturday & Sunday nights! Perthlife perthfection cityviews sofuckingexcited gonnabeamazing freegig perfectview whoneedstickets
Getting to watch one of my musical idols in concert last night perform with Sting was incredible. Beyond amazing! But getting to watch Paul freaking Simon right now sound check before tonights 2nd show was completely surreal! Icantevendeal Surreal Aneveningonthegreen PaulSimon soundcheck concertinmybackyard
I have to goto work! But all I want to do is stay home and watch them get ready for the gig tonight! Aneveningonthegreen PaulSimonAndSting PaulSimon Sting excitingtimes perthlife cityviews idontwannagotowork