Surprise... Up before the sun... Awake Insomniaclife Wakenbake Goodmorning uptooearly timeforcoffee suprise itsstilldark nofilter whoneedsfiltersat5am whoneedssleep
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So my Sunday morning sleep in.. Has me up at 630am.... Sigh. Insomniaclife Sundaymorning Letthesunshinein Goodmorning whoneedssleep sunshine
OK so last night I had like 9 hours of broken sleep (in case you don't know this is kind of a big deal) and as it is now 1.20am after waking up at 7am and feeling as awake and alert as I have all day I realised..... I've just had my weeks allowance of sleep... Oh wells.... Party! Itakeitwhenicangetit Insomniaclife Insomnia Awake wideawake whoneedssleep ivehadmysleepfortheweek party