I love to see Sunrise . It's one of my favourite things in the world. It is totally free. All you gotta do is get out of bed. Watch. Experience. Enjoy. Rise like the sun each day. Full of warmth & confidence. Shine like the world depends on it. (it does) Shineshineshine thanks @jackiegilliestv you do totally inspire me and what I do. Crystalhealer Perthlife perthcity wakenbake wakeup saaahpretty goodmorning riseandshining earlymorningphilosophy
The Sunlight In The Morning Shineshineshine I Love The Sky
Bringing you some @jackiegilliestv realness by Shineshineshine - ing! Shinebrightlikeadiamond ComeToTheLight Blinded brightlights blindedbythelights whitelight violetray
Sitting in the sunshine waiting for the train. Simplepleasures Letthesunshinein Shineshineshine