Emotional fruits

Theses flowers are for you... Eyemphotography Taking Photos Eye4enchanting Emotional Fruits Visual Poetry
"There's no map to human behaviour...they're terribly moody then all of a sudden turn happy, but, oh, to get involved in the exchange of human emotions is ever so satisfying..." Bjork Taking Photos Emotional Fruits Enjoying Life Eyemphotography Mood
You carry angels under your arms, devil whispers in your hair...morning light scatters jasmine flowers on your belly while a feline creature is purring under the shadow of your thighs. You wear a bracelet of innocence on your faience wrist. I look at your eyes, mouth and breast.. I look at you...with thousand eyes in my hands.(me) Check This Out Jasmine Flowers Emotional Fruits Lightandshadow
" we'll paint the town red and we'll shake the trees" K.Nash Hanging Out Strolling Hello World Eyemphotography Emotional Fruits Eye4enchanting
Emotional Fruits Hanging Out Taking Photos EyeEmBestEdits Eyemphotography Hello World Window