I found out on my own skin how God is acting with those who don't have fear of Him. Now I'm sorry a lot for my sins but it's too late. He has punished me and I know how mighty He is. I am scared and I pray every single day for my sins to be forgiven. Oh, God, have mercy on me! PrayertoGOD
I look at you God and ask for your blessing. I don't know which is your plan for my life, but I believe in you and I believe that everything happens to me, whether it's good or bad, has a purpose. PrayertoGOD
✞ Dear GOD, I wanna thank you for every day that I'm spending into the nature. For me, the nature represents You. I see what You have created so far and I wish to see more. Some people have the opportunity to travel more and to see beautiful places. I'm happy for them, I really am. I wish to travel too, to see more, so I can respect more. I love the nature and I'm doing all I can to protect it and to keep it clean. Dear GOD, please in the name of Jesus Christ, Bless the nature and the places that I've seen so far. Every place has its own story and significance. Please help me to share with others what you have created! Amen! PrayertoGOD ✞
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