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Rainy Day Suburban Sky
Prisma Suburban Sky Sky And Clouds Building Exterior Low Angle View
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Similar to a pic I took about three months ago. That was 8 megapixels, this one is 13 megapixels. My cat Jakester has come out to greet me as I arrive home late at night with groceries and of course some cat food and cat treats. He is so I start walking up the driveway, he'll give me a headstart and then when I'm halfway there, he'll come whizzing by and be waiting for me at the front door. As long as I've known him, my Jake loves to run. This is just further experimenting with my smartphone camera, seeing how far I can push it, and what photo editing apps like Photoshopexpress and Snapseed are capable of doing. I'm still working on getting my computer fixed and/or returned to me so for the time being everything I do is on a smartphone. Smartphone Photography Night Photography Street Photography Cat Photography Available Light Kitteh Ilovemycat Nightscape Nightscene Suburban Landscape Suburban Street Night Sky My Cat Caturday Caturdayeve Suburban Sky Streetlights Learn & Shoot: After Dark
Suburban Sky Rise And Shine The Minimals (less Edit Juxt Photography)
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Hdr_Collection Morning Winter Suburban Sky
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Suburban Sky City Autumn Morning
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Hdr_Collection Morning Winter Suburban Sky
Hdr_Collection Suburban Sky