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St Mary’s Basilica Church Welcome to the famous St. Mary’s Basilica Church in Shivajinagar, heart of the Cantonment Area of Bangalore East, Karnataka, India. The Church is situated opposite the Russel Market Square, the must shoppe for those who lived in the Cantonment Era. The basilica was built in 1818, just as a small chapel by Abbe Dubois. Later in 1882, Rev. L.E. Kleiner renovated to the ornate Gothic style. It was adorned with stained glass windows , which were imported from Paris. During the II World War the windows were remove and later restored in year 1947, the year of India’s Independence. The St. Mary’s Basilica was awarded the status of sixth Basilica in India by the Papal Order by Pope John Paul V1. Reverences to Miracles of St Mary: In ancient times, the statue of St Mary would be paraded in the streets. Once this procession was stoned by a radical test. People involved in this heinous deed miraculously died of Cholera and ill health. Later the church was attacked by vandals and they set fire to the church. Everything in the premises was burnt down except the wooden statue of the St. Mary was miraculously intact. Today it is enclosed in a glass case for protection. Subsequently, in 1970s a new bigger statue of St Mary was erected, attempting to relocate the old statue proved to be in futile. Due to these micarcles the St Mary’s Church has received the Basilica status by the Papal Order by Pope John Paul VI in 1973. To this day, people from all religions, caste or creed pay homage and prayers to the St. Mary. Many offer prayers after their wishes have been granted. St. Mary’s Feast: This feast is celebrated in the month of September every year by all. Followers wear crimson dress for 40days before the feast and attend the mass every evening at the church. On the day of the Mary’s Feast the church is grandly decorated and lakhs of people throng to offer their prayers. St. Mary’s Basilica Shivajinagar, Bangalore – 560 051 Phone: +91-80-2286 5434 Namabengaluru Bangalorechurches Bangaloretimes Church churchhistory stmarysbasilica shivajinagar contonment stmary prayers peaceful peace lovethelord lovethischurch jointheark
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