Street Outdoors No People Motorcycle Construction Site Red Take Photos鐵皮屋 Streetphotography有福利社!!!這樣工作才會開心阿╮(╯▽╰)╭
Beauty In Nature Outdoors No People Nature Flower Flower Photography Green Green Green!  Plant
Ferris Wheel Outdoors No People Shadows & Lights Light And Shadows Lights Nightphotography Market真的看不下書了😩,還是不要逼自己做不喜歡的事😣
Outdoors Lights And Shadows Street Photography Blackandwhite Monochrome天氣太冷了😖🌪🌬🌀⛄
最近放假,天氣都會放晴☀😎,所以我應該要多放假才是!😄Outdoors No People Street Photography Basketball Board Old Town Motorcycle Photography Wall - Building Feature Door
Food 這旗魚黑輪 真是不簡單啊
Architecture Tree Outdoors No People Enjoying The Sun Peoplephotography Street Photography Light And Shadow Old House Old Town That's Me✌️昨天好多人在拜拜,路過的一間大古厝,他們也正在準備拜拜。
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