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Insides Of A Metro. Vscogrid Vscocam Vscophile Wwim11majhimetro WWIM11MUMBAI
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Just an attempt to create a caricature of thr protectors and guards of Mumbai Metro. These are the people for efficient functioning of the asset we Mumbaikars boast about. They are the people who ensure our security, fun and make our journeus easy enough. A big thank yoi to all security guards and staff for being so supportive and handling the crowd so efficiently. This is my dedication to yoi guys.... Wwim11 Wwim11majhimetro Majhimetro @mumbaimetro Mumbai_igers mumbaikars_repost everydaymumbai MumbaiDiaries mymumbai caricature cartoon minimalist blackandwhite bnw
There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. Or escalators. :P Vscocam Vscophile Vscogrid Wwim11majhimetro
Was my first World Wide Insta Meet. It was amazing. Vibe of 250+ people made it spectacular. Thank you @mumbai_igers And @mumbaimetro Vscocam Vscophile Vscogrid Wwim11majhimetro WWIM11MUMBAI