As my father grows older his favorite passtime is fishing. Something he taught me as a child. Modern Father BestFatherEver Daddy's Girl Memorieswithmydad Eyemphotography Foreveradaddy'sgirl Shot Of The Day Taught Me Everything I Know Always&Forever<3 Me And My Daddy
My Dad had a heart attact 10 1/2 years ago, the dr said he wouldn't make it another 5. Since he has had a brain tumor removed and knee replacement. My Dad is my hero! Modern Father Lovemydad Always&Forever<3 Daddyslittlegirl Memorieswithmydaddy Daddys Princess Foreveradaddy'sgirl
Me and my Dad on his Birthday a few years ago β€πŸ’Ÿ Modern Father Foreveradaddy'sgirl Memorieswithmydad Happy Birthday Daddy! Daddyslittlegirl