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Don't try and find the meaning of life, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth... there is no meaning. Then you'll see that it's not the meaning of life that is found, it is only yourself. [Expand Your Mind] Expand Your Mind Rural Scene No People Calico Ghost Town Ghost Town Southern California Old School House History Historical Building California Historic Landmark 782 Mojave Desert Wild West
We live in a world where it's difficult and/or impossible for some people to find one day to rest and for others to find six days to work. We work either all the time or not at all. We’re desperate for our next big break, giving us space to catch our breath or see our name in lights. It’s one thing to live in this world where our work, or lack of work, gets in the way of our rest, but it’s another thing to perpetuate this restless existence without even asking why or at what cost... Expand Your Mind!! Crowded Street Random People Taking Photos Expand Your Mind Hello World California Love Exist Or Live
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So the root of “creativity” is “creation”, Right? And many faith traditions contain a divine cosmology... So this endows even the simplest of our creative acts with a divine energy. Whether you’re coding a website, posting a picture, or simply choosing a new route home for your daily commute... this creative space is a sacred space. If you look close enough, you'll find the divine in the daily. Because creativity has always been about pointing out the 'extra' in the ordinary... the sacred in what some simply see as mundane. And when we ignore our innate creativity we're engaging with humanity’s original sin, removing the divine and suffocating who we are meant to be. Expand your mind! 😉 Fantasy Edits Fantasyart Expandyourmind That's Me My Eye EyeEm Creative Creative World Eye In The Sky Expand Your Mind
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Space is the relationship between things... It’s silence between the noise, rest between the rhythm. Without the space between things we would have no concept of a thing itself. I deem it’s one thing to spend your life creating things, but, it’s another to spend your life creating space. Expand your mind! Expand Your Mind Streamzoofamily Lost In Thought Colorsplash Taking Photos