'knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.' - hal borland // take me back to the weekend! @ncik admiring the nature around him πŸ˜ƒ Headon15 @headonphotofestival Sydneyfolk Lifeofadventure Postthepeople
every morning, on my walk to work, i pass this intersection and i look up // sometimes something unexpected happens and it makes me happy 😊 WHPmydailyroute LOOKUPSEASON Headon15 @headonphotofestival
cool spot to chill, read a book, and observe people // Tgif photo inspired by @taylahnilsson Headon15 @headonphotofestival Rsa_minimal Ilovesydney Afterworkmoments
spiralling down the rabbit hole with @lucys9 // the geometry of this staircase reminds me of a scene from a fairytale.. Headon15 @headonphotofestival Worldneedsmorespiralstaircases Noflickshots Archilovers Demstaircases
'look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better' - albert einstein // woke up at 3am yesterday morning to do some Chasingfog with some awesome friends that i recently met through Instagram .. although we didn't get to see any fog, nothing can beat the beautiful scenery and the company shared in this magical place, feels so good to be out in nature again! pictured is @noel.alva // an extremely cool guy who takes amazing photos! thanks for inspiring and leading us all yesterday! thank you @vinhphams for organising! [ Headon15 @headonphotofestival ] Lifeofadventure Letsgosomewhere Sydneyfolk
unexpected reflections // the lesser known side of the uts gehry building, just as beautiful as the curvy brick side.. photo inspired by Headon15 @headonphotofestival Sydneyfolk Archilovers Art_chitecture_
this is my good friend @plinirh and his kite // he's a rising musician who produces all his music from the comfort of his own bedroom, recently he released his third EP called 'the end of everything' // search 'plini' on facebook, bandcamp, spotify or itunes to have your ears blown away from awesomeness :) keep going bro! photo inspired by @mark_pc Headon15 @headonphotofestival Rsa_minimal Postthepeople Minimalpeople
Mesmerizing Sydneyharbour Sydney Australia Headon15 nsw bridge harbourbridge bay river clouds cloud sky sea beauty webstapick insta_vibrant intentional central ruleofthirds
what a great day spent at the @headonphotofestival instameet! // awesome meeting all of you incredible instagrammers and so glad sydney showed up too! thanks to @vinhphams @twistdee @robmulally @olympus_au @headonphotofestival and @sydneyfolk for organising the event!! you guys are awesome!! Communityfirst Headon15 Headon15instameet Sydneyfolk