07/07 Bestfriendchallenge "I've been loving A lady i've never been seen A women created In land i've never been."
01/07 Bestfriendchallenge "Listen just hear me out Yes I know we agreed When we break up, we'd never give in to this need To admit to each other I miss you..."
04/07 Bestfriendchallenge "Let me be the one to break it up so you won't have to make excuses. We don't need to find a set-up where someone wins and someone loses. We just have to say our love was true but has now become a lie. So i'm telling you I love you one last time, and goodbye."
02/07 Bestfriendchallenge "Time has a way of taking things away from your hands. So when the safe place of your world falls apart, you must gather all the memories and build the safest place in your heart."
03/07 Bestfriendchallenge "The moment that I looked in your eyes, I knew I'd never be free from you I'm trapped in a spell Like a coin in a well But the difference is I willingly fell."
05/07 Bestfriendchallenge "Kung bibigyan ng pag-asa Ng puso mo ang puso ko Di ko kaya na muling masawi Kaya't kung ibibigay mo na Ay wag sana mabawi"
06/07 Bestfriendchallenge "Balang araw Hahanapin mo ang pugad ng iyong katawan At huhukayin mo ang nakaraan Saka mo malalaman na binuwag na ng hangin Ang pugad mong gawa sa buhangin."