Hiro hamada

Really quickly wNted to try on my wig and new contacts before bed Big Hero 6 BH6 Hiro Hamada Cosplay Unique
Sorry for the quality! >A < Hiro Hamada cosplay is close to done. Hoping my Uniqso contacts get here before Matsuricon. ;A; Cosplay BH6 Big Hero 6 Baymax
Hiro Hamada BH6 Cosplay Matsuricon
Everyone at work did a quick dketch while we were slow. Mine is the middle, Hiro Hamada. Art Drawing Hiro Hamada BH6
Matsuricon Hiro Hamada BH6 Big Hero 6 Rebel Dogs Cosplay
Hiro Hamada Cosplay wip that i couldn't wait to finish to wear out so we went out for ice cream abd groceries. ☆ BH6 Big Hero 6