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It is annoying to see people changing their words after promising you an offer or acceptance. Especially at work places I've witnessed managers struggling to find people to cover a shift after an employee revoking his promise to work for a certain day or hours. Not just at work places we can see promises being withdraw in various aspects of our life, but the good news is God's promises are irrevocable. The bible educate us that rainbow is a sign of God's promise which He made to the earth at the time of Noah. If God is so faithful in keeping ancient promises that He gave in the BC ages, then how much more faithful will He be to keep His promises in your life. God doesn't change His mind like us, simply because He know your past, present; future. What should we do? Trust in His promises and take the steps of faith. Steps of faith acts as the road that leads to His promises in your life. Genesis9:13 Romans11:29 Promises  Irrevocable God Faithful Unchanging Trust Stepsoffaith