@glitterbomb___ came over today & took some photos of me being majestic & regal & shit. Here's some evidence of said majesty πŸ‘‘ Blackmilkclothing Bmgoq Bmll Bmcurves bmmums bmcockatooislandswim
Happy 5th Birthday to @blackmilkclothing πŸ’• Bmareyoujellytd Blackmilkclothing Bmgoq Bmll bmcurves bmmums Sharkie greenhair
What I wore today - underwear version... πŸ‘™ (Tights are @blackmilkclothing sporty stripes 2.0) Blackmilkclothing Bmll Bmcurves Bmmums effyourbeautystandards fatbabe wiwt underwear bmsportystripeshosiery2 iamproudtobe