Bodyshaming Curve
WORD • for all the people taking this the wrong way, i am not relating to this quote, AT ALL. I eat as much as i can. This post was actually just for others that feel judged about their bodies when they shouldn't. All bodies are beautiful, and no one should be "lectured because of their weight". And thats when i relate to this picture. I get lectured everyday because of how skinny i am and how i should "eat a burger" or even people saying im "anorexic" and unhealthy. And its wrong for people to judge like that. I can look however i want. I can eat whatever i want. It goes in both ways, you cant call me "too skinny" or others "too fat". But this time my post about body shaming isnt about me, but about all the other people feeling "overweight" when they should be comfortable and confident about their bodies. Word Bodyshaming Street Fashion Beauty Model That's Me Hot Beautiful Fashion Sexygirl