50mm f/5.6

Shimabara Peninsula Silhouette & Tachibana Bay Sea And Sky This Morning Local route 34 / East side Nagasaki City Landscapes Clouds And Sky How's The Weather Today? personal fix point From My Point Of View / 50mm F/5.6
Desire St with XX-18 number Taxi! Street Signs やっぱオトコだし〜気になる通り(笑)てなわけで1枚 50mm F/5.6 Narrowpath Streetphoto_color Walking Around The City  Minami-shinchi, Nakasu Fukuoka-japan Japan Scenery de Breaktime!
ARU RESSHA (to Sasebo) Departure 14:56 Platform No1, Nagasaki Station. 50mm F/5.6 It's Time JR Kyushu Low Angle View Nagasaki Station On The Platform Once Upon A Time People Watching Perspective Retro Style The Way Forward JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 水戸岡鋭治
Morning Walk Morning Light Yesterday 1st shot Tree Silhouette Cosmos Urban Landscape 50mm F/5.6
Finding Nagasaki Cat 2016 3rd : LEICA V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 Aperture-priority AE + Photos(iMac) edit Animal Themes Capture The Moment Catlover Catphotography January2016 Japanese Cat On The Street Playing With Cat Relaxing Street Cat
Nagasaki Kaido : Koga, "Fujitana" ( signify : a wisteria trellis ) Google Map point 32.808787, 129.967062 / GX1 prime lens set de Good evening. 50mm F/5.6 Blossom Flower Nagasaki Historic Highway On The Road. On The Street Corner Purple Soft Grunge Streetphoto_color Walking Around Wisteria Trellis 長崎街道(Nagasaki Kaidō)
Rice Field Harvest Time Somewhere Isahaya City Early Morning Today's Hot Look Landscape Discover Kyushu, Japan LUMIX GX1 50mm F/5.6
Urban Landscape Capture The Moment Shirakimine Kogen Isahaya City Landscape Discover Kyushu, Japan Japan Scenery 50mm F/5.6 Hdr Edit 3rd shot of Yesterday
Photographic Memory Tokyo Sentimental : A Day Of Tokyo Tokyo Street Photography Streetphoto_color Buildings & Sky Tokyo Sky Tree Kinshicho Sumida Ku Tokyo,Japan / GX1 KitLens 50mm F/5.6 Street View 東京タワーvs東京スカイツリー 東京スカイツリー 錦糸町 November2015
Rear View Colorsplash Edit Varsion : Kyushu Railway Company / Nagasaki Line. Cruise Train Seven Stars In Kyushu Yesterday Evening Monochrome Noir Et Blanc / GX1 50mm F/5.6 Snapshots Of Life A Frame Within A Frame
Photographic Memory CUNARD luxury Ship MS Queen Elizabeth 1st visit 21th March 2014. 7:33 a.m ( Japan standard time ) , be in Nagasaki port. View from Megami Ohashi . V-LUX1 RAW > JPEG, Photos(iMac) edit de Good afternoon nagasaki JAPAN 50mm F/5.6 Bird Eyes View Cityscape Harbor High Angle View Landscape LEICA V-LUX1 Luxury Liner Queen Elizabeth  Sea And Sky Wake
Morning Light Haiku A temple gate / Young leaf flutters down / right and left / Architecturelovers 50mm F/5.6 Colors Of Autumn Japan Scenery
Ready To Fly to Tokyo Journey , Nagasaki Airport / November 16 Photos(iMac) edit. Panasonic Lumix GX1+Kitlens. 50mm F/5.6 AirPlane ✈ All Nippon Airways Early Morning Light Omura, Nagasaki Parking Apron Staralliance 長崎空港 : Nagasaki Airport that has been constucted Mishima island in Omura bay 1975.
50mm F/5.6 Candid Portraits Black And White Fotor test Couple On The Street Corner Snapshots Of Life
Photographic Memory 21 March 2014 7:30 a.m ( Japan Standard Time ) Queen Elizabeth  before Pass Megami Ohashi bridge, Nagasaki City. LEICA V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 handheld RAW>JPEG Photos(iMac) Edit de Good Night. Blue Sea Cruise Ship High Angle View Japan Scenery LEICA V-LUX1 Looking Down Luxury Liner Nagasaki Nagasaki JAPAN On The Bridge
Before Sunset The Places I've Been Today : Sotome area, Nagasaki KYUSHU Japan Scenery 19:16 (JST) Sunset Silhouettes / LUMIX GX1 50mm F/5.6 Nofilter de Good Night
If you're lonely, press play. Canon EOS 550D 50mm F/5.6 First Eyeem Photo
DAIHATSU CONSEPT CAR "HINATA" & ukulele Girl, マリンメッセ福岡、福岡モーターショー December 21. GX1+KitLens handheld 50mm F/5.6 Color Portrait Composition Conceptcar Daihatsu Fukuoka Motor Show Hinata Lifestyles Model Musical Instrument Portrait Of A Woman Sitting Ukulele Time Natural Beauty
How's The Weather Today? Very fine day / Mariner of the Seas Cruise Ship Matsugae international terminal, Nagasaki Harbour View Sea And Sky Blue Sky / LUMIX GX1 50mm F/5.6 LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6
Finding Nagasaki Cat : Sleepy Kitty Petcat Somewhere Nagasaki City. Reedit Cat Lovers Animal Portrait V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 寝子
Snapshots Of Life On The Street... Streetphoto_bw Walker Walking Tetsubashi On The Bridge Nagasaki City Black & White Noir / V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 de Harry up Lunch time🏃🏻 The Street Photographer - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Finding Nagasaki Cats 2016 1st. Somewhere Nagasaki City. All photos Leica V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 Youtuber Video(世界ネコ歩きOP) >> Cats Cat♡ Collage Happy New Year 2016 In Nagasaki January2016 Todays Hot Look Youtubeuse
Green Grass Rice Field Landscape walking Around Isahaya City Nagasaki prefecture KYUSHU Japan Scenery Mt.taradake Silhouette Augustphotoaday / LEICA V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6
A Frame Within A Frame Shades Of Grey Black And White Noir Architecture Chiwata Eki Station ,Nagasaki Prefecture KYUSHU Japan Scenery Kyushu Raliway Company / V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 Good evening EyeEm_crew
Sumonada Opensea before sunset "Sea of Silence( 沈黙 )", Somewhere Higashi shitsu, Sotome Area(東出津, 旧外海町), Nagasaki City. GX1+L-X025 50mm f/5.6 handheld Nofilter Photos(iMac) edit de Good evening 50mm F/5.6 Beautiful Nature Before Sunset Great Views Landscape_photography LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm Nagasaki JAPAN OpenSea Orange Color Sea And Sky Sotome, Nagasaki Sunset Silhouettes Walking Around The City
Sea Wave Water Motion Power In Nature Crash Beauty In Nature Breaking Force Hitting Nature Rough Outdoors Splashing No People Day Crashing 3XSPUnity Eye4photography  50mm F/5.6 Enjoying Life Seascape
Chiwata Eki passing 16:26 : Take A Photo December 12. Higashisonigi, Nagasaki Prefecture Nagasaki JAPAN . Panasonic Lumix GX1 50mm F/5.6 Evening Light JR KYUSHU SWEET TRAIN「或る列車」 Platform Sea And Sky Seaside Railway Station Winding Railway The Scenery Of Japan 千綿駅
Kaki Yamakasa No3 Nakasu nagare 2015 : Dolls Miyamoto Musashi partColor Streetphoto_bw Noir Hakata, Fukuoka July Festival /LUMIX GX1 50mm F/5.6 Colorsplash edit
Ohato / Dejima Wharf view from Akebonomachi, Nagasaki City. Long exposure 25sec. Photos(iMac) reedit 16:9 Crop 50mm F/5.6 Cityscape High Angle View Landscapes Long Exposure Nagasa-Kirei ( ナガサキレイ ) Night Lights Night View Reality Reflections Still Life Walking Around The City
Finding Fukuoka Cat : Streetphoto_color Walking Around Nakasu, Fukuoka Aerial Shot 😝 Animal Photography Pets Corner On The Street 50mm F/5.6 うしろアタマ
Say Yeah !! Nagasa-Kids : Candidphotography Candid Portraits Kidsphotography On The Platform Face To Face LEICA V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 Low Angle wild kids Happy Encounter Just One Shot 千綿駅
break time shot on Nagasaki Line 50mm 50mm F/5.6 Candidphotography Candidshot Eyeem Test JR Kyushu LEICA D SUMMILUX 25mm No Finder On The Train Panasonic Lumix GX1 People Watching Snapshots Of Life
The Moon And Venus Palm Tree Low Angle View Sky Cloud - Sky Tree Nature Silhouette Tranquility No People Scenics Outdoors Tranquil Scene Beauty In Nature Day After Sunset 50mm F/5.6 🌙🌒🌙
Japan of the Lunch Time! In The Car . Food Porn 50mm F/5.6 Close-up Conveniencefood Japanese Food Light&shadow TENDON WASHOKU なんちゃってSUMMICRON 天丼 with Water Drops
Blue Illusion : On The Road Blue Sky Trafficlight Traffic Jam Waiting In The Car Urakami, Nagasaki City/ 50mm F/5.6 LEICA V-LUX1
Riverside Walk Nakashima river Noir Et Blanc , Kawabata Manjyuu Shop Fronts Partcolor Street Photography Streetphoto_bw Koinobori . 1st shot Showcase April 30, 2016. Japan Scenery / V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 One Shot Story Project. de Good evening Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki JAPAN
子供の日 every May 5 Japanese Culture : Rise And Shine A carp swimming up a waterfall Showcase May 2016 Show Window Walking Around The City  Somewhere Nagasaki-shi Streetphoto_color Evening Walk Evening Glow / 50mm F/5.6 Close Up Exceptional Photographs
Arrival SEA SIDE LINER JR Kyushu At The Seaside Chiwata Eki Station Sunset Silhouettes / LUMIX GX1 LUMIX G VARIO 14-45/F3.5-5.6 50mm F/5.6 de Good night
Snapshots_daily Today's 1st Shot : Public viewing Super Hi-Vision ( 8K television ) Started In Japan , Hamanomachi Arcade Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki JAPAN Streetphoto_color Part Color Street Portrait のようなもの / V-LUX1 50mm F/5.6 Colorsplash edit plus de Good evening Showcase August
2015 SIBF Honda Booth HONDA S660 Kei-car 2015 Super Formula TEAM Mugen Car Porn / GX1 KitLens 50mm F/5.6 de Breaktime!
Omake Fotor Collage Snap A Strangers Partcolor LEICA Q typ116 ( inside camera Digital cropping ) 50mm F/5.6 Low Position Snapshots Of Life Just One Shot 16:10 Today's Hot Look People Photography Seaside Walking Nagasaki Seaside Park (長崎水辺の森公園) Nagasaki City Japan Photography de Good night
After the typhoon, Nagasaki City : Rambling with a LEICA Q 50mm frame ISO100 F5.6 manual photo. Street scene and wind blows de Good weekend, EyeEm friend👋🏻 Snapshot Wind Blowing  Nagasaki Today LEICA Q Typ116 50mm F/5.6 Street Photography Street EyeEm Selects Full Length Real People Building Exterior Architecture Street Women Adult Sidewalk
Salling Vessel PALLADA, before passing Megami Ohashi bridge Nagasaki, Japan. 13:10 19 April 2018 Nagasaki Today Sail Ship PALLADA Megami Ohashi LEICA Q Typ116 50mm F/5.6 Nagasaki Bay Water Nautical Vessel Sea Mode Of Transportation Sky Nature High Angle View Clear Sky Beauty In Nature Scenics - Nature
Splash time : Hakata Gion Yamakasa Snapshot. July 12 2018 afternoon Nealy Reisen koen park Hakata-ku fukuoka. Leica Q 50mm frame No filter Electric shutter ( farmware 3.0 ) Handheld Jumping Shot Water Reflections Water Drops Kids Playing LEICA Q Typ116 Testing Camera 50mm F/5.6 博多祇園山笠 街角スナップ Hakata Gion Yamakasa Off Shot Street Photography Sidewalk Snapshot Splash Group Of People Real People Crowd Enjoyment Playing Nature
Running men & 4th Yamakasa, Doi-Nagare. Doi dori Ave, Hakata Fukuoka. Leica Q 50mm Frame Nofilter F5.6 Handheld Runningmen LEICA Q Typ116 50mm F/5.6 No Filter, No Edit, Just Photography Kabuki Dolls 博多祇園山笠 Hakata Gion Yamakasa Japanese Festival Perspectives And Dimensions Personal Perspective Low Position Walking Around The City  Hakata Tatami Shot Group Of People City Tree Real People Large Group Of People Street Men Art And Craft Parade Leisure Activity