Happy Birthday Xi Luhan 😘🎁🎂🎈🎉 Happy Birthday My First Bias Happy Birthday Manly Man Happy Birthday My Boy 😘💋❤ Wish You All The Best. For your health For your career For your dream For your success And everything in your life Don't stop for being love to people around you. I always support you in everythings what will you do Be better than know and you must know that there are many people loves you. And, in everything their name, trust me, there are my name and actually I always be the people who loves you. Be kindly Be humble and down to earth And don't forget about the people that makes you until now I love you. GBU 😁😂😃😘 HappyBirthdayLuhan HappyBirthdayXiLuhan HappyLuhanDay HappyBirthdayManlyMan 900420 HappySehun'scouple Happy25th