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Familiar with the voice of the lonely lost in the noise of the wind blowing
Riding Roller Coasters
A view from above. Sky Beauty In Nature Scenics Cloud - Sky Nature Tranquil Scene Landscape No People Tranquility Tree Day Outdoors Aerial View IPhoneography Landscape_Collection Photooftheday Sunshine
Flowerporn Snapseed Editing
Flowers Flower Flowerporn Nature Botany Botanical Plants Plants And Flowers Photooftheday Plant Barberton
A boy being a boy.. Just like his mom My Sons Mountain Goat Walking Nice Views
Lake sunset tree's Reflection Nature Outdoors Landscape Beauty In Nature
Flowers colors Plant Growth Nature Outdoors Flowerbed Beauty In Nature
Stone steps nature Outdoors Grass Landscape
Soccer Sunset No People Sky Night Flying Outdoors Soccer Field Bird
This boy is my everything and he is amazing and my one and only <3 Cute Couple Love Enjoying Life
Ode to Spring Hdr_Collection Vibrant Colors Urban Landscape
Pepsi Coffee Color Splash Urban
EyeEm Nature Lover Swans Water_collection Lovely day.
Clouds And Sky sunrise
Nothing plays here anymore. More here: Building Exterior Architecture Sky Store Urban Decay Mall Abandoned Akron Eerie Creepy Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Rolling Acres Rust Belt Abandoned Theater Movie Theater Cinema Theater Abandoned Mall Dead Mall Dead Malls Urban Exploration Urbex Abandoned Building
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Reflecting On.... Reflection Water_collection UrbanBeauty
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Landscape_Collection Snapseed Editing
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Hello World Taking Photos Clouds And Sky Sky
throw back..???
its lovely outside!
Tree Sunset Silhouette Low Angle View Sky Built Structure Architecture Outdoors Branch No People City Building Exterior Nature Day
Pitbull love ♥ Pitbull Relaxing Summmer  Beautiful
next to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,Cleveland,Ohio First Eyeem Photo EyeEmNewHere
Baby you are my everything and I know we will last forever <3 Hanging Out Love Couples Cute Couple
Triangle skylight. More here: Triangle Skylight Architecture Mall Urban Exploration Urbex Abandoned Building Dead Mall Abandoned Mall Abandoned Places Abandoned Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Dead Malls Rust Belt Akron Ohio Rolling Acres Akron Urban Decay Triangle Shape Indoors  No People
Abandoned Jewelry Store. More here: Abandoned Buildings Retail  No People Store Urban Decay Mall Abandoned Building Urban Exploration Urbex Abandoned & Derelict Abandoned Mall Rolling Acres Creepy Abandoned Places Abandoned Akron Ohio Eerie Akron Rust Belt Dead Mall Dead Malls Architecture Indoors  Jewelry Store
capturing his state of mind
Mother with her baby ducks!! Love ♥
Marble pillars and broken glass. more here: Broken Glass Pillars Marble Storefront Store Mall Dead Mall Dead Malls Abandoned Mall Urbex Urban Exploration Abandoned Building Rolling Acres Abandoned Places Abandoned Buildings Abandoned & Derelict Akron Akron Ohio Eerie Creepy Architecture Fancy Abandoned Urban Decay Ruins
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Because i get to carry life in me again
Snapseed Editing  Landscape_Collection
"Good night Dear's"are whispered all over "The Magic City" and Norton, your Town included,the Tempo and Undercurrent of Counterculture's Sub-Counterculture's,a time when the Shadows breathe and the Trees truly do"Have Eyes",the unstructured chaotic lost Souls void of all emotion except that one tormentor "DESPERATION", which is the permeating stench amongst those afflicted with an all invasive, Life negating, festering Parasite attached to so many Aliases with names such as the Homeless,Addicted and Mentally Ill who are part of our so called Empathetic Democracy of Multi-Spirited ececlectic Individuals who Apparently stand Sentry over the time honored standard of preconceived generational handed down morals and values that smack of fatalism that cause so many to become Judgmental,Condescending and Sanctimonious injurious persons whom become parasitic in their own rite as they cause a silent ripple effect in belief that" those" members of All the Counterculture's members who STILL,yet oddly embarrassingly so,belong to our so called Democracy once upon a time proudly built upon by a Melting Pot of individualists. The night comes alive with the Clones of the passing day shift of the Lost,Sick, yet full of emotion, be it only Desperation with hues of Depresion,Anxiety, Paranoia,Panick,Lonliness,Bitterness, Misunderstood and Lost,please excuse me if I've been remiss and omitted some of cornacopia of heartbreaking feelings felt by those unfortunate enough to have"The Affliction" find them and unwittingly bump into and innocently befriend them through deceit and deception luring them under its spell by the guise of Fun,Relaxation and as a social lubricant...People,the members of these Society's, if their not the likeness of a former self missed so deeply reflected into your memory during a passing glimpse caught on the landscape of a plates glass Tapestry hung on the backdrop of a life lost somwhere between a long ago fun night out with close Friends to when we found that the pain relief doled out by that "Sub-Culture of Licensed and trusted legions of peddlers of promise and cure In Whitecoates,or out May be our Mothers,Fathers,Brothers,Sisters,Sons,Daughters,Wives,Husbands,Boyfriends,Girlfriends,Children's Schoolbus Driver,the Surgeon who your trusting your Loved Ones Lives with by their possibly Chemically induced steady hand. There are Boundaries known to none the"affliction" hasn't crossed and brought about with it in its selfish wake of mass destruction. TERRORISM, WHERE DOES THE TRUE CELL OPERATE,SHOULD WE LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER TO A TERRORIST MUCH MORE PREVALENT AND CLOSER TO OUR HEART AND LIFE THEN THOSE A GLOBE AWAY. OR ARE THE REAL TERROIST'S THOSE WHO SHUN, JUDGE, and PATRONIZE THOSE WITH THE AFFLICTION, after all,their still a part of and member of our so called Democracy, they share one very important and vital facet with us all,a strand of D.N.A handed down through the Generations that screams LIFE,SURVIVAL,PERSEVERANCE,SUCCESS,LOVE, THE NEED FOR FAMILY OR HUMAN TOGETHERNESS,OF BELONGING,OF PURPOSE !!! OF FREEEEDOM !!!!!!! PEOPLE,THE"AFFLICTION DECIEVED ME OVER A VERY LARGE PORTION OF MY LIFE,At 47 I finally woke up, nearly lost it all, yet the JUDGEMENTALISTS AND SELF PROCLAIMED SUPEROIR ONES WHOM STILL RANK SUPREAM IN THE HIERARCHY OF OUR SOCIETY'S NORM,attempt to destroy me due to a past i use to help and give back to those still sick and suffering. or of those who i feel the need (which is frequent) to just reach out and cause a different pattern of ripple effect then i once frequently caused. To be able to have this choice today,disregarding the Nay-Sayers and Genuinely Thanking those who truely care,help,and make a difference to those of us who have known,felt,danced,loved,hated,and lived with the"Affliction"....TODAY,today i Personally know FREEDOM ! Hello World What Does Freedom Mean To You? S/o To Barberton On The Win :)7 Norton
A place many call home,probably one of the city's sleezier spots !
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Squires Castle. Castle
Showcase: February
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I love this boy so much!! :) Hanging Out Love Cute Couple
Technology I Can't Live Without
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Checking In
Bacon Food Porn Food BLTs for dinner!!
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At Lunch
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Flower Fantasy
S/o To Barberton On The Win :) Barberton Enjoying Life Enjoying The Sun barbert
Sand Sculpture Peace ✌ Flowerporn Flower Fantasy
bæ, but excuse me!
That's Me
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one of my many tattoos Tattoo Taking Photos That's Me Check This Out
Boring Class
Am I Pretty Now?
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Natural Hair
Withdrawing Cash
Hey!♡ Taking Photos Hi! Check This Out Hanging Out #bored
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The Illusionist - 2014 EyeEm Awards
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