Cafe bench, nice place to talk and catch up. Cute Cafe Vgvg Cafe NYC
Korean noodles at my favorite place NYC SeafoodUdon Vgvg Food Lunch
Korean BBQ yesss please Vgvg Koreanbbq Enough Said Food YumYum
Poke bowl Yesss Vgvg Happycamper Food Pokebowl
Burrito fries and ice tea Food Vgvg Lunch
Brunch with the homies BrunchLunch Nofilter FriesForLife Vgvg
Sushi Time Moresushi VgvgCrabloversroll
Ktown, Manhattan NYC Foodadventure Koreanfood Bibimbab Vgvg
First time trying these Korean noodles (IForgotTheName) KoreanNoodles Vgvg Dinner
Sushi Time Vgvg Salmon Delicious
Her hand is in the way Vgvg Dessert
10below, waited an hour and half for ice cream.... Next time I'll stick to bucket of Haagen Dazs XD worth the wait though 10below NYC Desserts Vgvg Nitrogenicecream Yummy Chinatown New York
At cafe bench Crepe Green Tea Desserts Sweets Vgvg Socute
Korean shaved ice patbingsu touslesjours favorite place to eat shaved ice :) Patbingsu NYC Shavedice Dessert Thebest TOUSlesJOURS Vgvg
First time have spinach cheese dip with chips Vgvg Food Delicious
Part two of shaved ice Snowdays  NYC Foodadventure Vgvg Shavedice Dessert GotSeoul
MushroomBurger NomnomVgvg
Spanish food, i couldnt finish it all Spanish Food Vgvg Lunch NYC
First time at kbbq buffet Endlessmeat NYC Foodadventure Vgvg Kbbq Enoughsaid
Max brenners NYC Food Vgvg
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