Live bold

Got of the train at 149th and Third Avenue and met this cool skater by the name of "Tory" not sure if I'm spelling it right, he was cool with letting me shoot him as he practices and even go to network on a video. Cool vibes, new content coming out of Fhmmg Skater Tricks Check This Out Concrete Jungle Street Photography Photographer NYC Photography Living Bold Live Bold
Finding these quiet zones in the city is so amazing, you get the city noise in the background but with the tranquility and peacefulness it has. *11:00am Landscape Prints NYC Photography Live Bold Check This Out Streetphotography Photographer Fhmmg Buythisprint Artordie Fountain
Taking the time to get back into my street shots, although some of my work may be too real, I personally take it as a compliment. Enjoy. Nycphotographer NYC Photography Taking Photos Check This Out Fhmmg Live Bold Streetphotography Homelessness  Homeless Photographer
Feeling like this? Well it's Friday go out and have some fun! Photographer Streetphotography Live Bold Check This Out Bear NYC Photography Art Buythisprint Landscape Prints