Like a frog

Like a frog in his house.... Little Lake Like A Frog Like A Frog :D Sky Horizontal Nature Lake Outdoors Tranquil Scene Nature Tranquility Non-urban Scene
Today I want to be a frog. People say "Don't be a frog" but seem to have no clue, no earthly idea what it means to be a frog. Talking of things they do not know, they didn't experience by themselves, they fear too much to let them happen. Oh well, may these people be as they want to be, but I, I want to be a frog today. - MAinLoveWithFreedom and Little Girl Having Fun Fun Fooling Around Like A Frog Frog Tongue Tongue Out French French Frogs Children Children Photography Children Playing Childhood Fun Time How's The Weather Today? Freedom Capturing Freedom See The World Differently Different Perspective How I Feel At Times How I See People How I See The World VanessArt
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