40/366 | Stumbled upon an idea of mine from last year for that I completely forgot about, but is so connected to the roots of this little online magazine. That is why journals such as this one are so important for me. I'm a notorious dreamer--an idea machine--and while I'm often told that my ideas aren't always "realistic," I know that with hard work and dedication, all positive ideas I'd like to contribute to the world will have their time. Afterall, 3 years ago, The Golden Bullet was just an idea jotted on a post-it, which--thankfully--I didn't misplace. Guess the Universe agrees that now is the time for this next idea to be shared. I hope y'all stay tuned. ✌ 😚 Ideasgrowhere Pma Keepdreaming 366Project Day40 Goldenbullet366 Notebooks  Ecofriendly Flatlay Forthedreamers Ideamachine Notoriousdreamers Fruition Allideasaregoodideas Positiveoutlook Positivementalattitude Thegoldenbullet Onlinemagazine Visualstorytelling Digitaljournalism Nextsteps KeepMovingForward
Loquats Beauty In Nature Close-up Focus On Foreground Food Food And Drink Freshness Fruit Fruition Green Color Leaf Leaves Loquats Nature No People Orange Color Outdoors Plant Ripe Spring Sunlight Translucent Tree
最時髦的女性潮鞋FRUITION一歲了!連邀請函都可愛到不行~Fruition 1st Birthdayparty Mobile01 愛曼達
Fruition Masako201810 Nofilternoedit Micronikkor105mmf2.8 万葉 Orange Flower Accomplishment Fruition Flower Flowering Plant Beauty In Nature Petal Rosé Inflorescence Fragility Rose - Flower
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