As I walked past the market I heard people bargaining, I saw some people smiling as they made some profit today; saw few despairing faces as a lack of sale. Market is a place where we buy and sell goods, It is a very awful reality that many of us treat God as a basic market product to meet our needs. Many of us seek Him to find luxury in life. Of Course He'll provide you with a Job, brand new BMW, brand new house, a beautiful life partner. He'll supply all our needs but How many of you're willing to do what God asks? And use what He has given for His glory? Jesus has made us into a temple, a vessel, as a holy sacrifice to represent Him on earth. In the Gospel we see Jesus cleansing the temple by driving out the people who were selling in the temple, ignoring the fact it was the place of God's dwelling. Guys don't worship Jesus to get a profit, a pay rise, or a healing. Worship Him for who He is and all the amazing thing He has done for you. What we forget is when we seek His kingdom and His righteous He'll supply all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus at the right when we need it. Seek His face not His Hands! Worship Him not His provisions! Worshiphim SeekHimnotHisblessings TempleofGod Your Will Above All
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