God's favour

We can't taste a tamarind's goodness unless we break it. Tamarind has a shell of protection on the outside. Sometimes protection make us rely excessively on ourself. God allows brokenness in our lives so that we understand it is by grace that we've been saved through faith, not by our efforts, and to revel His magnificence through us. In the Gospel we see Peter telling Jesus "I'll lay down my life for you" but eventually He fails to keep His promise. He became so broken, felt so guilty for denying Jesus. He thought it's the end of his ministry, but when he understood God's unmerited favour after Jesus resurrection his life's perceptive changed. In the Book of Acts we can see Peter, taking the leader role of the disciples at Pentecost. So let's say as the psalmist "My mind and body may become weak but God is my source of strength, He is mine forever." John13:37 John21:17 Acts1:15 Ephesians2:8 Brokenness God's Favour Grace
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