You might be lost by looking at this image and trying to figure out what on earth is He trying to say with those two items. Am I trying to advertise? Yeah sort of but not the t-shirt or pillow but something priceless not because it is cheap because it is beyond our abilities to attain it. Many people are living their life based on yesterdays events, past mistakes, sins, guilt, addictions..etc. The Good news is Jesus paid it all for us on the cross by shedding His blood. God love the sinners; and hate sin in them, in fact no one is or can be good without Jesus Christ. That red t-shirt symbolises Jesus blood, which has spilled in order to make us righteous; holy before God. And the heart shaped pillow illustrates a new heart of purity, which is a new life with fullness of love, peace, joy, rest; freedom. As the word says "I'll give you a new heart, and a new spirit." God loves you beyond your wildest imagination and He want to express it by giving you the Holy Spirit. Ezekiel36:26 Newlife Transformation BloodofJesus Mademeholy